"Out Of the Ordinary"
Character Design, Directing, Storyboarding
In 2011-12 I directed a short film called “Out Of the Ordinary”. It's a bachelor student film from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. The team consist of: Nikki Starostka, Dennis Jensen, Sigrid Tangen, Sandra N. Andersen, Stine Sæthre, Atli Hafsteinsson & Keld Nissen. Below you can see some of what I have been doing, on top of directing the film. If you are interested in seeing more, then go to our short film blog at: http://outoftheordinaryshort.blogspot.com
“A middle-aged man lives a life of routines, clinging to a long desired promotion, until the day his computer and coffee machine decide that there is need for a change.”